Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Issue with Starter Kit CSS on IE 6.0 and Safari

Torben Brams noticed that the Starter Kit help site has a cosmetic issue on some pages. Basically, any page throughout the starter kit that displays a menu and content column (no sidebar) and displays a sub-item overview drops the content under the menu on IE 6.0 (as shown below).

I verified this and retested the in Safari and found that it also has some issues with these pages.

To fix the IE 6.0 problem, I changed the #menu-and-content-sublayout-content width from 770px to 750px.

To fix the Safari problems I added a width of 95% to .subitem-overview. This has the side effect of making contact subitems in the sample site appear as a list of locations, rather than a table, but this is more consistant after all.

We will place this under known issues in the starter kit release notes, but you, as a reader of my blog, knew it first :o).

You can download the updated starterkit.css here, if you have already starter working with the starter kit.


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