Thursday, September 6, 2007

Over 1000 Certified Sitecore V5 Developers

I’m proud to announce that today we certified our 1000th Sitecore V5 developer (and our 1001st and 1002nd).

The number of certified developers is increasing worldwide at an average rate of about 70 developers a month. What's more, about 30% of our certified developers go on to become certified in our API as well (what we call Level 2 certification).

Thanks to all our dedicated Sitecore training centers and instructors for their help in reaching this milestone!

All our certified developers have filled out evaluation forms at the end of training and the results are overwhelmingly positive, especially in their praise of our high quality Sitecore instructors.

If you haven't attended Sitecore training yet, visit the Training section of our website to learn more about the training courses available near you!